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Ziggy Zendejas


Andrew "Ziggy" Zendejas is a passionate, inspirational guitarist, multi-instrumentalist and tenor singer. In 2004, he earned a spot ranking one of the top 6 guitarists in the United States during a national competition. Andrew has pursued the electric and acoustic guitar with a wide range of styles to include progressive rock, contemporary, country, alternative, funk, jazz, blues and more. Some of Andrew's most influential guitarists include Brent Mason, Stevie Vai, Joe Satriani, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Brad Paisley, Vince Gill, and Lincoln Brewster, to name a few.  HIs ultimate musical endeavors are to pursue music full-time as a session musician, musical performance and teach others aspiring to venture into the world of guitar and music.

Born and raised in Brawley, CA, Ziggy’s musical journey began at a young age in the Imperial Valley, where his father introduced him to drums. It was at the age of 14 that Ziggy’s passion for guitar took hold. Starting with just one chord, he dedicated countless hours to “woodshedding,” immersing himself in radio stations and audio CDs. With his brother’s guidance, Ziggy meticulously learned numerous hits from different eras, honing his skills with unwavering attention to detail.


Ziggy’s talent quickly became apparent, winning him first place at annual high school talent shows and earning him a scholarship to the California State Summer School for the Arts. He delved into the local music scene, joining the band “Hyjinx” in Brawley, where his guitar skills shone. Later, Ziggy teamed up with his brother Anthony to form the highly successful musical group, Vendetta, which quickly became one of Imperial County’s busiest acts.


In 1994, driven by his love for family, country, and a passion for aviation, Ziggy enlisted in the United States Navy. Serving as a full performance supervisory level air traffic controller, Ziggy dedicated 20 years of honorable service. Recognizing his musical talents, the Navy allowed Ziggy to develop as a professional musician, resulting in two USO music tours and a notable ranking as one of the top 6th 

guitarists at Guitar Center’s Guitarmageddon national competition in 2004. He also served as a musician ambassador aboard the USS Carl Vinson, performing in Guam and Singapore.


During his time in the Navy, Ziggy expanded his musical repertoire to include blues, country, and jazz. He released his debut album, “Different World,” which showcased his versatility and showcased a variety of music styles. Known for his exceptional guitar solos, Ziggy has performed respectful renditions of the National Anthem at military and civilian ceremonies and community functions. He has completed three USO tours, entertaining audiences in Alaska, Kuwait, and Jordan.


In 2021, Ziggy’s talents caught the attention of Brady Seals, leading to his hiring for several projects, including the Brady Seals show, Seals & Croft 2, and a 90’s Tribute Show. During his downtime, Ziggy collaborates with various singers and songwriters, performing at diverse venues in Nashville and beyond. Singer/songwriters include Dugger Band with Jordan and Seth Dugger, Tyson Hanes, Tim Bridges, Nick Wells, Pat Saunders, Holy Lightning. 


Partnering with his wife, Staci, Ziggy established Ziggy Zendejas LLC in 2021. Their motto, “Create. Inspire. Entertain.,” embodies Ziggy’s commitment to developing his unique sound, composing and delivering high-quality performances for artists, self-publishing high-energy multi-instrumental albums, and providing recording services and musicianship to artists seeking exceptional demos.


Beyond his music career, Ziggy is a devoted family man with a strong faith in Jesus. He serves on the Worship and Production team at LifePoint church in Clarksville, performing guitar and running audio/sound, in Clarksville, TN. He celebrates 19 years of marriage to his lovely wife, Staci, and cherishes his roles as a father, grandfather, and husband.

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